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From here you can contact one of our team to find out the latest information about our products/services or to arrange a consultation for a product that you wish to have produced.

Data protection is of upmost importance and our policy is to never pass on the information you provide to a third-party. If we need to pass details on to a sub-contractor, we will seek permission from the proprietor before proceeding any further.

If you do not wish for CMP to contact you by phone to discuss your enquiry, please un-check the box opposite. Thank you for your interest in Chris Moses Productions, we're sure we can be the perfect solution.

Fax us, or leave us a voice message on:

(07092) 38 90 57
Calls cost 37.5 pence per minute (ppm) at peak times, 25ppm (off peak) and 12.5ppm (weekends).

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