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Chris Moses Productions ("CMP") was formed back in 1998 when we were strongly established in the freeware computer gaming market. Known only as Magic Images Software, we created ultimate gambling software ("The Fruitz Series" - realistic fruit machine simulators) and gambling systems such as "The Punterís Predictor" and "Surewin".

Since then we have moved into multimedia and web development with a close relationship in software engineering and multimedia production including music, graphics, video and 3D animation. With all this experience it enables us to create professional, crisp and clean web sites, software and general interactive multimedia. To see some examples of our work, please visit the products area.

By using CMP, our clients have enabled their business or personal presentations, including web sites, to thrive with multimedia interactivity that should be strong in the computer world of the 21st century.

Our team of dedicated professionals have skills in: Web Design/Development, Graphics Design, Music Production, Video Production/Editing, Network Administration, Software Engineering, Web Server Design, Systems Management and much more.

The software used to aid in the production process is as extensive as the skill sets we have. This means that the repertoire of technology we support spans across: Shockwave, Flash, HTML, DHTML, CGI/Perl, JavaScript, Java, Linux/Unix, Windows, Apache Web Server, Xitami Web Server etc. etc.

To find out more about the services we can provide for you, visit our products area. Please also remember that we donít just provide for businesses, in fact we also love to design and produce work for personal/public clients who wish to create personal web sites or interactive photo galleries, the choice is as endless as your imagination!

CMP: Generating Solutions for the Future.

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